Community Donation Station Cabinet

CNC, Laser, 3d printing, CAD Design, Social good
Project Overview
This community donation station serves not only as a functional means to contribute to local charities but also as an avenue to engage the community in supporting worthy causes. The 2-meter wide cabinet allows people to donate food, clothes, gifts, toys, and more, making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Sean, together with his team of dedicated helpers, including students from Waltham Forest College, poured their passion into bringing this masterpiece to life. Constructed using over 100 individual 3D printed custom-designed parts, the cabinet features intricate details, such as a functional clock replica of the Walthamstow iconic bronze town hall clock tower, 3D helicopters (Walthamstow's unofficial mascot), clothes hooks, and even a hidden resident fox waiting to be discovered.

Our Contributions
The process of creating the cabinet started in Sean's design studio, 'The Fixatorium,' located nearby in Leyton. Based on an illustrations by local designer Gail M Pearce and her 'Colour in Walthamstow' colouring book, Sean used 3D CAD software, Shapr3d, to bring the design into the third dimension using his iPad. The digital design was then brought to reality using an array of robotic machines, including a laser-cutter, 3D printers, and mini robotic CNC wood cutting machines.

Visitors are warmly welcome to explore the donation station cabinet just outside ASDA closest to the lifts -  admire the artwork on your next shopping outing or make a donation to support local charities and those in need!
@ 17&Central Mall, East London