Little Free Libraries

Wood working, 3d printing, lasercutting, raspberry pi
Project Overview
This initiative involves the creation and distribution of several unique plywood boxes, used as Little Free Libraries in various prominent locations across Walthamstow, including Wood Street and Brecknock Primary School. These miniature libraries serve as community book donation points, fostering a culture of sharing and reading among residents of all ages.\

Each box is meticulously handcrafted from durable plywood, ensuring longevity and resistance to weather conditions. The design of these libraries is enhanced with 3D printed windows and embellishments, making each unit visually distinctive and appealing. These creative touches not only attract attention but also encourage community engagement with the boxes.

The libraries are strategically placed to maximize accessibility and use. One is located on a fencepost, another inside a school, and a third within a community allotment in Wood Street, integrating seamlessly with community spaces frequented by residents. Their placement in these high-traffic areas ensures that books are freely accessible to a large number of community members, enhancing the educational landscape of the neighborhood.

A notable addition to the series is the library installed at 'The Mill' community center. Designer Sean tailored this particular model to reflect the aesthetic and color scheme of the center itself, featuring mini signage and an orange, black, and white color palette. This bespoke design not only complements the center’s existing architecture but also serves as a landmark within the community, symbolizing the center's commitment to literacy and learning.

Since their installation, these Little Free Library boxes have become cherished parts of their respective communities. They not only provide a practical resource for free book exchanges but also enhance the communal spaces by adding an element of charm and character. The libraries encourage a sense of ownership and pride among residents, further promoting community spirit and cooperation.
Our Contributions
The Fixatorium played a pivotal role in bringing the Little Free Libraries project to life, showcasing their craftsmanship and innovative design skills.

Tasked with constructing the plywood boxes, they meticulously crafted each unit, ensuring durability and functionality. Their involvement extended beyond simple construction; they also spearheaded the design process, utilizing advanced 3D printing technology to create intricate windows and unique embellishments that set each box apart.

Recognizing the importance of longevity, The Fixatorium applied robust weatherproofing treatments to each library, guaranteeing that they could withstand the elements and serve the community year-round. Furthermore, their creative customization of each box—particularly the eye-catching design for 'The Mill' community center—helped enhance visibility and appeal, increasing interaction and encouraging greater usage of these boxes.

By providing these beautifully crafted and strategically designed libraries, The Fixatorium has not only facilitated a sustainable book recycling initiative but has also helped forge a stronger, more interconnected community.