The Mini Morris Project: Inspiring Creativity During COVID-19

Plaster busts of William Morris delivered to over 600 children during London covid 19 lockdowns.
Project Overview
Inspiring Creativity for Keyworker's Children:The Mini Morris Project aimed to support keyworker families by providing their children with creative outlets. Each sculpture kit included a plaster cast, art supplies, and information about William Morris. The children could personalize their sculptures and learn about the artist's legacy, fostering an appreciation for art.

The Mini Morris Project showcased the power of art during challenging times. Through 3D design, 3d printing, and plaster casting, Sean Rodrigo enabled keyworker's children to engage in the captivating world of William Morris's designs, inspiring creativity and fostering a love for art.
Our Contributions

Sean began by creating a detailed 3D model of William Morris's bust using a smartphone and over 200 photos in a process called Photogrammetry. Utilizing his 3D printer, Sean transformed the digital model into a physical bust, layer by layer in bio plastic called PLA. The resulting 3D-printed sculptures became master models for silicone molds.

With these molds, over 600 plaster cast sculptures were created, replicating the intricate details of Morris's designs.In collaboration with Designer / Illustrator Gail M Pearce - the busts were distrubuted locally in a specially designed activity boxes which included brushes, non toxic paint, an activity sheet with history about the project and information on WIlliam Morris' impact on the local area and design.