Petal Planter - Vertical food growing farm in a reclaimed phonebox

Urban farming, regeneration and 3d printing
Project Overview
In the heart of East London, will soon home an innovative project involves transforming a disused British red phonebox into a vertical self-watering food growing greenhouse. This creative endeavor not only repurposes an abandoned space but also utilizes sustainable practices to cultivate a variety of plants.

The core of this unique greenhouse design lies in the 3D printed "Petals." Crafted from recycled PETG filament which is created from fishing net pollution, these 'Petals' serve as planters for herbs, small flowers, and seasonal plants.

To ensure the success of their initiative, The Fixatorium collaborates with local volunteers who dedicate their time to managing the greenhouse and transporting the harvested plants to the nearby food bank, 'Pl84U Al Suffa.'

By providing fresh produce to those in need, the vertical self-watering food growing greenhouse represents an example of innovative design and community collaboration, to repurposing abandoned spaces and incorporating sustainable practices can directly combat food poverty.
Our Contributions
Recognizing the historical significance of the British red phoneboxes, The Fixatorium has undertaken the ambitious task of restoring these neglected gems to their former glory.

The phoneboxes will undetake a process of cleaning and repair to revive the phoneboxes, ensuring they are clean, lockable, and suitable for their new purpose of growing food.

To ensure the sustainability and functionality of the vertical self-watering food growing greenhouse, The Fixatorium incorporates solar panels to power water pumps. This innovative approach allows for a self-sufficient system where water is cycled and plants are automatically watered from a central water butt.