Mini Food Banks project

Public Food bank donation boxes in the form of mini buildings
Project Overview
The Mini Food Bank Project is a community initiative in Waltham Forest, East London, that collects non-perishable food items through hand-made ply boxes resembling miniature houses, local shops, and businesses. These cabinets act as street-side donation points for three nominated food bank charities. Since its launch 18 months ago, the project has collected over 5000 items of food in Waltham Forest alone, making a tangible difference to the lives of those facing food poverty. Through its unique combination of art, design, and social responsibility, the Mini Food Bank Project provides a solution to the growing food poverty in the uk.
Our Contributions
The food banks created by Fixatourim are made from outdoor plywood that is cut down and screwed into box shapes. The use of laser cutting and 3D printing software allows for intricate details, such as windows, doors, bricks, and postboxes, to be incorporated into the design of the boxes.To make the boxes look more realistic and eye-catching, a variety of materials are used, including wallpaper, paint, and spray paint.

These materials are used to add texture, color, and other design elements that help to replicate the look and feel of local buildings in the community.The attention to detail in the design and construction of these food banks not only makes them aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional. They are able to withstand outdoor conditions, making them a durable solution for storing and distributing food and clothing donations.

By utilizing a combination of traditional and modern techniques, Fixatourim's food banks represent a creative and effective approach to addressing community issues.