Pembury House Nursery School & Childrens Centre

Bird Watching School Playground
Project Overview
We created a first to its kind birdwatching themed playground for Pembury house nursery school in Harringay which featured a birdwatching station complete with pulleys, bonoculars with  colourful and educational theme.

Using materials such as plastic sheets and interactive elements like a bird identifier dial, the team created a space that encouraged children to engage with the natural world around them.In addition to the birdwatching station, Fixatourim also incorporated other bird-related elements into the playground. Laser-cut and painted small birds were nailed around the playground, and a bucket pulley added a fun and exciting element to the play area. A wall of birds was also featured, adding to the overall theme of the playground.

The use of creative design elements and interactive features helped to make the playground an engaging and stimulating space for children, while also promoting an appreciation for nature and the environment. Fixatorium's efforts in designing this playground serve as an excellent example of how technology and design can be leveraged to create positive change in communities.
Our Contributions
By utilizing design technology such as 3D printing, CNC, and laser cutting, the team creates fun and interactive playground elements that give children a chance to enjoy a stimulating outdoor experience.

With the support of local funding, Fixatourim has successfully provided schools with customized playground equipment that promotes physical activity, creative play, and social interaction.

This initiative provides an opportunity for all children to have access to a safe and enjoyable outdoor space, regardless of their economic or social circumstances.In summary, Fixatourim's efforts extend beyond addressing food and clothing insecurity, to also promoting the well-being and development of children through innovative design technology. The initiative provides a model for how community-driven efforts can create positive change and support those in need.