Waltham Forest: Cardboard City installation

Recycling, Cardboard sculpture and art installation
Project Overview
"Waltham Forest: Cardboard City" is recent project by Artist Sean Rodrigo and the Fixatorium, commissioned by the Waltham Forest Council as componant of their recycling education campaign, "Rethink, Recycle, Repeat."

Using recycled cardboard and unusable cardboard contaminated with substances like paint or oil, the initiative crafted a stunning miniature cityscape. This cardboard metropolis mirrors the landmarks and essence of Waltham Forest, featuring intricate details like local landmarks, bustling streets, and even a remote-controlled recycling van.

Every corner of the cardboard city showcases the importance of recycling, with meticulously designed elements such as miniature recycling bins and cardboard people, highlighting the community's commitment to sustainability.

Our Contributions
Over three weeks of meticulous construction at Leytonstone Tube Station, the installation attracted over 150 children along with their families.

The project employed illustation, model making, programming with micro:bits, 3d printing and lasercutting which we used on location with our brand new Flux Ador lasercutter to cut windows and archetuctural details into the cardbord facades including the Walthamstow Town hall, shops, hospitals and many more.

The cardboard city served as a unique educational platform, blending recycling awareness with art. Guided tours and colouring in activities engaged children and their families in discussions about recycling practices, art. creativity.

Special Thanks to:

Zara M
Lalya G
Daniel P
Danielle P
Danaya D
Waltham Forest College
Leo E
Sara B
@ Leytonstone tube Station, East London