Walthamstow Toy Library - Doggy Station sculpture

CNC, Plywood Sculptur with 3d printed dog poop bag dispenser
Project Overview
Our brand new doggy Rest Stop is an innovative CNC built plywood sculpture project that aims to create a captivating and functional piece of public art in the form of an eye catching sculpure of life-sized Golden Retriever.

Located at the Leytonstone Branch of the Walthamstow Toy Library in Langthorn Park, London, this sculpture goes beyond purely aesthetics by incorporating a 3D-printed dog poop bag dispenser and a steel water bowl. It serves the dual purpose of enhancing the park's visual appeal while promoting responsible pet ownership and community engagement.

The project's objectives include beautifying the space, fostering a sense of community, and providing a unique and interactive landmark for visitors.
Our Contributions
We initially designed the concept for the Sculpture digitally using a program called Shapr3d which allowed us to visualise the overall look and then we utilized a 3D program called Luban to turn the 3d dog into a series of sliced flat layers.

This digital layers were then meticulously divided into over 60 individual slices, each serving as a blueprint for the portable CNC machine named. This innovative technology enabled the team to cut out these intricate slices from durable outdoor pine plywood, ensuring the sculpture's longevity in the park's open-air environment.

Once all the plywood slices were cut, the real magic happened in the assembly phase with the ply slices systematically glued and screwed together forming the lifelike shape of the Golden Retriever.

Following assembly, the sculpture underwent an extensive finishing process. The wooden surface was sanded to perfection, creating a smooth and tactile texture. Finishing off the sculpture with painting and staining to achieve the sculpture's inviting, Golden Retriever-like appearance.  
@ Leytonstone's Langthorne Park