William Eats: Mexican

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Project Overview
a unique initiative to help the William Morris Community Centre back on its feet after the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project, called 'William Eats: Mexican,' is a cooking demonstration event that features local Mexican chefs from Waltham Forest's famous 'Homies on Donkeys Mexican' restaurant. The event was a sold-out success, with tickets selling out in just three days.

The cooking demonstration included plenty of samples and was an excellent way to showcase the culinary skills of the local chefs while also benefiting the community centre. The event's proceeds went directly to the William Morris Community Centre, helping them recover from some tough economic times due to the pandemic.
Our Contributions
Sean and his team at The Fixatorium organized the event, built a custom cooking demo set, and sold tickets.

Chef Smokey and his team from Homies on Donkeys Mexican delivered the food samples, and the event was managed smoothly.

The efforts of Sean and his team were crucial to making the 'William Eats: Mexican' event a success, showcasing the power of community-building during challenging times.
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